Thursday, January 28, 2010

Diggin' It.

The LightScoop that is! At first I wasn't too sold on it but it's starting to grow on me.  I normally don't take photos at night (which leaves me with only Saturday & Sunday) but tonight I decided to snap some of Ava after bathtime.  I just snapped 'em while she was in her crib. I thought they turned out pretty cute.  She's got such a personality! I love it.

Saturday I am retaking Mr. L's photos....maybe he'll be more willing .... and Sunday I am taking photos of another co-worker's baby, Mr. M (4 or 5 weeks old).  !!!!  I am excited that people are actually ASKING me to take photos.  I'd love to get all the practice I possibly can...

More tomorrow.  I must will myself to take a step away from the computer & photoshop.


Meghan Rickard said...

I told you it might grow on you :) I really love the first one!

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