Monday, February 28, 2011

Whaaa?? I have a 3 year old??

Oh my goodness, I just cannot believe that my firstborn is THREE!  Time is just flying!  It's the whole reason I am drawn to photography.  I want to freeze these beautiful moments in time.  Here are a few shots from a session I did with my daughter a couple weeks before her birthday.  Her actual 3 year session will be in a few weeks :)

& a precious moment with lil sissy, Ava Grace & daddy.

Pure Bliss.

Sweet Cheeks!

Oooooooooohhhh this lil girl is gonna break some hearts!! I couldn't resist her sweet chunk cheeks! 

"M" Family

I first took photos of Mr. A and Ms. J here in March 2010!  They've gotten SO big!!  I heard also that it's been quite a while since the "M" family had their family portraits done!! Glad I could be of assistance!  Even though it was a chilly morning, I had a blast capturing you guys!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Charlee {3 months}

Little miss Charlee is 3 months now!  How the time flies - I first photographed her at 13 days here.  She's still a little bug & has some sweet chunk cheeks!  See her again around 6-9 months!

Meet Ronan {17 days}

Awww, he was a total dream baby!!!! I wasn't sure how this session was going to go as I was half way to their house when I realized I forgot my beanbag (which is a major deal since that's what I pose baby on) but my hubby ended up bringing it!  So while I was waiting for hubby, we started the session out with the milk crate & he did awesome.  The session only got better after that!  I was sweating bullets but baby Ronan was super happy in dreamland!  You will also see more of this lil man as he is my 3rd baby plan member!

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